Monday, November 12, 2012

Advantages of Online Independent Car Rental Systems

Live chat helps Car Rental Agencies to make personal contact with every visitor that comes to their website. Operators can give information to visitors when they visit their website on what kind of vehicle do they want and exactly when they want it. If a visitor has to fill some online for, operator can give them assistance.

If a person wants any information over phone can get more efficiently in a live chat. Operators can show prospective customers online photos of cars and tell them about discounts and promotions. If your customer needs hotel accommodations or travel service information, you can tell them about your online business partners.

Live chat helps visitors who do not have time to wait for an email response, for example, if a customer's car has broken down and needs a car right away, or business traveler that needs to make last minute changes in a reservation.

Live help button increases confidence of first time customers and people who are not used to car rental service over internet. Live help button helps first time customers that real people will be available who will solve all their queries. 

Car rental business is a huge business and in the last few years competition has increased making it difficult to attract more customers and make a profit. To maintain old customers and bring in new ones, agencies should try out new inventive methods. They should work on customer service. They must make renting a car easy to do for as many people as possible. Live support chat enables car rental agencies to do all of this and more. 

Advantages of using live chat in car rentals. 
  • Online visitor who wants to rent a car right away will need a response immediately and will not wait for an email response. Through live chat, online visitor can get rental car details and just wait for the car. 
  • During chat sessions, show your website visitors photos of cars, driving directions to the agency, road maps and much more. 
  • Operators can find out from where a visitor is calling and making chat request, so clients who need help most urgently can be assisted soonest. 
  • Live help facilitates transferable chats and agent-to-agent chats for additional help. 

Live help cuts costs for rental agencies of all sizes. If a customer calls through telephone he has to pay on an average $5, but if the same visitor uses live chat he does not have to pay anything but also car rental agencies telephone bill will reduce. Instant online support means that customers no longer need to be put on hold during peak calling hours and get the attention they need. Live chat can also reduce cost of advertising campaigns. The operator can get information about site visitors like referring page, country of origin and even city. No money will be wasted on ineffective CPC campaigns and poorly placed advertisements.

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