Monday, August 27, 2012

Online Car Hire System for Your Rental Agency

The World Wide Web and the internet have made it possible for every entrepreneur to reach out to millions of customers online. There are many auto leasing software available online. You can easily purchase one online through secure payment route and downloading your software on your personal computer. The auto lease software takes care of all the business needs of car rental agencies and businesses. The software not only give ease of access and daily work records but also provides interface for customers as well as partners anytime anywhere. A modern car dealer or car rental business anywhere in the world cannot function without an automated system to survive and progress in today’s cut throat competitive auto industry.

Car Rental Software is one such company making its mark by slowly evolving for the past decade.

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There are many features available with the car hire system Software. But more than the benefits there are the best features one can get to increase your business in ways you thought impossible before. The Data security secures all data stored in the data center and is continuously monitored. This is updated in real time with the latest technological discoveries. The Real-time availability of vehicles makes possible for you the business owner to customize each car that can be viewed by potential renter. The Edit operation charges help you to change your rates by percentage, by rental time period, by number of vehicles to be rented at one time and by travel ranges.

The car rental programs Information editing feature helps you to edit rental contracts, reservation options, number of vehicles available, car description and much more. The easy payment system will help you to get an SSL certification to enable you to accept credit card information online. This certification is necessary to process your client’s payments online. With this certificate in place your business is secured with compulsory advance credit card payment. The Fleet management feature of this car rental program allows you to include all vehicle information of car make and the fleet number. The GPS tracking exclusive feature lets you track your vehicle accessories before and after every rental contracts.  The Insurance management manages vehicle to be insured. The exclusive insurance management section helps you to add or remove vehicles from your insurance policy.